We select for you promising investment proposals on the art marketselect the range of the cost of work

Calculating ArtIndicesA unique investment appraisal tool
Studying ArtistsTo predict the cost of their work
Established artists categoryThey have a unique recognizable style, are known nationally and internationally.

The most popular works on ArtMarket

Works worth over a million rublesThe works of authors at the peak of their artistic careers, with an established style, known in the art community. These artworks are a contribution to the development of the collection and an investment in a stable asset

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Investment risk

HighChasing high returns without fear of possible failures
ModerateStrive not only to protect savings from inflation, but also to overtake it
LowSuitable for people who want to keep savings from inflation
Category Artists Baby-birdsArtists at the very beginning of their creative journey, but already represented in exhibition projects at independent venues

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Works up to 50 thousand rublesAffordable works, different in format and technique. Any of these artworks are a good way to get acquainted with contemporary art, start your collection or invest in a promising artist.

Do you have any questions? We may already know the answer to them.
We have compiled an extensive database of artists and their work, which allows us to calculate accurate figures for the historical liquidity and profitability of the artist's work, as well as the media mention rate and digital footprint of the artist himself. Read more about each index in the Analytics section.
Register on the Platform, fill out the Questionnaire and information about the work. At the same time, in order to become an investment-attractive artist and get into the rankings, you need to have a competitive provenance, background and an active digital footprint in the media and social networks.
The database is a living organism that is replenished and updated in real time, which increases the accuracy of the ML assessment.
All transactions are made through the platform by bank transfer, depersonalized and recorded on the blockchain, as well as personal data about the participants in the transactions. Transactions are open and unchanged.